Learning More About Your Esthiology Career

12 January 2016
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Going to school for cosmetology can lead you in more directions than just careers in hair styling and cosmetic application. If you decide to go further into the field and earn your degree in esthiology, you can work in spas and salons giving facials and other skin rejuvenation therapies. However, you might also consider the career of being a medical esthetician.

What Does A Medical Esthetician Do?

Medical estheticians are many times employed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Your job as a medical esthetician would include assisting patients during recovery after surgical procedures, informing patients about what to expect before and after a surgical procedure, and performing skin evaluations for referring patients for serious skin conditions. An experienced medical esthetician is referred to by many medical and beauty professionals as skin specialists.

Medical Spas Are Rewarding Employment Opportunities

Doctors working at medical spas hire medical estheticians for assisting during procedures like:

  • Vein therapy

  • Laser hair removal

  • Skin tightening

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Chemical peels

A medical esthetician provides post-op care for patients undergoing these procedures.

Cosmetology Training Complements An Medical Esthetician Career

Teaching patients that have undergone surgical procedures for their skin how to apply cosmetics is important, especially for patients that are experiencing facial surgery because of a traumatic injury. Helping patients put on cosmetics can be the best way to help them re-gain their self-esteem after suffering a disfiguring injury and surgical invention for repairing it.

At a medical spa, a licensed esthetician may provide soothing relief to patients with the application of facial using skin masks made out of natural ingredients like clay. Pampering a patient can be one of the most rewarding parts of an esthetician career, especially if a patient comes in with emotional issues caused by a facial injury and surgery and leaves with a more positive attitude.

Helping Patients Learn How To Have Healthier Skin

Teaching patients how to properly cleanse and exfoliate their skin can help them maintain a younger-looking, healthier appearance. You can talk to patients about their dietary requirements for healthy skin while also discussing with them the best kinds of skin care products to use for particular skin types. If you enjoy cosmetology and find the medical aspects of skin appealing, the career of an esthetician could be the perfect career choice for you.

Estheology is one of the most interesting specializations in cosmetology. Find out more about how you can get started towards your estheology degree and enjoy the rich rewards of helping people with their skin care. Contact a company like Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas for more information.