Tips For Keeping Your Beard Healthy And Attractive

5 April 2016
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If you have chosen to get into the fad of having a beard, you might not know the best way to take care of it. You want to be sure that your beard is attractive to the type of people that you are attracted to and that it is not a turn-off. Here are some tips for keeping your beard healthy and attractive.

1. When Trimming Your Beard, Use a Comb 

Don't try to trim your beard without using a straight comb to size some of the hairs, straighten them out, and shape your beard. You can use the comb to help ensure that you don't cut too much of your beard off by enforcing a line where you have to stop cutting. Combs also make it easier for you to shape your beard because they allow you to draw virtual lines in your beard to follow. This will allow you to create a beard style that you can be proud of and keep it neat without having to stress out about accidentally cutting off too much.

2. Use a Mild Shampoo to Wash Your Beard

Make it a rule that whenever you wash your hair, you also wash your beard. If you are using full-strength dandruff shampoo on your head, however, invest in a milder shampoo for your beard. You don't want to dry out the skin that the beard is growing out of and cause it to start to hurt. A mild shampoo with help protect the more sensitive skin of your face.

3. Condition Your Beard

Consider conditioning your beard or adding beard oils to keep your beard moist, voluminous, and healthy. If you choose to condition it, allow the conditioner to sit for a few minutes while you wash other parts of your body and then make sure that you rinse out all of the conditioner. If you decide to use beard oils, apply a dime-sized amount on the palm of one hand and then rub your palms together to spread out the oil evenly. Then, start rubbing your palms through your beard until the oil has been removed and your beard has the oil distributed evenly throughout.

Using beard oil has the advantage of moisturizing both your beard and the skin that your beard is growing out of. This will help you avoid flaking and keep your beard looking great.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in selling beard grooming oils, such as Natural Brio.