Tips For Making Your Nails Dry Faster

28 February 2017
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There's nothing more frustrating than spending a long time painting your nails with your very expensive nail polish only to accidentally smear them while you're trying to get the lid back on your polish or checking your phone. One way to deal with this problem is to simply get your nails to dry faster. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Use Your Hair Dryer

Your first step is to try using your hair dryer to get your nails to dry. However, before you start going to town, be sure that you swap you dryer's settings to cold, rather than hot air. The reason for this is that heat will make your nails take longer to dry, whereas the cold setting will help it dry faster. The only problem with this method is that, if your dryer is blowing at a high level of force and you applied a thick layer of polish to your nails, you might accidentally end up pushing the polish to the end of your nail.

2. Use Ice Water

Another option is to prepare an ice bath ahead of time by filling a small bowl with ice cubes and running cold water on top of it. When you are done getting your nails perfect-looking, take your fingers and dip them into the bowl of water. Hold them there for a full minute. This will cause your nail polish to set on your nails. This is a rather uncomfortable method for getting your nail polish to set, but it will ensure that your polish sets from the top to the bottom. 

3. Invest in an LED Light

You can go online and find relatively inexpensive LED lights that have a spot where you can put your nails. The LED light will cure the nail polish so that it is completely dry all the way through within a few minutes.

4. Use Spray Oil

Finally, try spraying cooking oil on your nails and waiting a few minutes. You will find that your nails dry more quickly than they did without the spray oil. You can buy nail polish spray that does something similar, but this is good if you are only trying to use household items. Be sure that you wash the oil off when you're done so that you don't smell like canola. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in LED lights for nails.